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Free shipping to UK on orders over £100
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The Witch's Britches Gift Box

Make up your own gift box for the woman you want to thank, honour, make improper demands to, or just want to make feel a little bit special and appreciated. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas or just because you want to. Choose your bloomers, stockings, t-shirt, pinafore, and then add your own gifts to suit the occasion. I'll let you know if you've been a tad over enthusiastic, and filled the box to overflowing.

Step 1: Choose your main item bloomers. stockings, t-shirt or pinafore, etc.

Step 2: Grab your box

Step 3: Fill your box with the little things you know will make a difference.

Step 4: Add the address you want your box to be sent to. If you want a short personal message written onto a gift tag, just message me.