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The Witch's Britches Gift Boxes

What are these boxes?

The Witch's Britches gift box is a convenient way of giving a more complete, individualised, and absolutely unique present. The first item to select for your cardboard box should be hand crafted bloomers, or maybe a t-shirt, or a pair of hand-cranked stockings.Smaller gifts which set the scene or continue a theme, are added to the 100% recycled card box to provide the whole caboodle. No shopping around. Easy inexpensive delivery. Add a personal message to a gift tag, if you like. Items are either hand made, ethically sourced, vegan or organic, and with recycled/recycleable packaging where possible. There may be the occasional item that is just plain fun, too, and no apology for that! In these unsettled and changing times, we must remember how energising it is to have fun.

What's the history with a 'gift in a box'?
There's not much history, to be honest, but it's become a popular, easy online way of giving a more complete gift from just one website, packed in one box, with one payment, that will bring one very big smile to a lucky individual.
Our days are so busy, and we sometimes run out of time or energy to go out to the shops and fill a bag with little surprises for someone special. Sometimes we're a bit stumped to know what to buy, too. The Witch's Britches boxes enable you to select the perfect set of gifts to fill the box, rather than having to accept some items that you don't want (Like some box schemes). What's more, there are several thoughtful options of sizes, costs, and themes, to make the box a truly personal gift.

Who are The Witch's Britches gift boxes for?

My bloomers and stockings are hand crafted for women to wear in a whole variety of ways. The hipsters and 'boxers' are popular for younger women. The sheer french knickers are a good all round winner. Some thicker fabrics make good 'boxers' too, and great for comfortable loose clothing around the home. The longer bloomers have a drawstring leg, so can be worn loose or gathered. They're pretty or practical, bold or delicate, short and peachy, or down to the ankles. Some are for comfort or discretion, but some are crotchless and downright dangerous. They're worn on their own, on the beach, under skirts, with basques, or boots, or layered with dresses and petticoats. In fact, they're great for wearing any time at all.

Add to that choice of bloomers, a pair of stockings, or a t-shirt. Or simply add a few small items that'll keep giving the love for a while longer. The gift box will be a treat from the moment it arrives at the door. Cruelty free bath products, vegan chocolates, seeds for a wild flower honeybee garden, re-usable make-up wipes.... the products will continue to change,

but will always offer a greener, craftier, kinder way to pleasure.                                

It might be a 'thank you' for a job well done, or a return for a much appreciated favour. Maybe a mate is just going through a tricky time and, without need for words, you can let her know you're watching out for her. Whatever feels appropriate. A smile is infectious, a hug fills a tired soul with warmth, and a Witch's Britches gift box keeps the love alive in a physical sense, as well as the spiritual.
A sister, mother, or daughter, might thrive on a little more love. The gift box could be the prize for meeting a particular challenge. Or there may be a 'big day' pending, and you want to spoil her during the build up.
Just's a gift for a lover. A new relationship or a comfortable one. You want to show you value her worth. You could choose to give a little something to enhance playtime in the bedroom. It doesn't have to be black and sleazy plastic , you know. The toy box can seem a tad cold and soulless. Add a little silk and lace. It'll go a long way. Set the scene with candles and oil. She'll take your breath away, in return.


Still a little insecure about the size of bloomers to select?
My bloomers are made to fit bottoms LESS than the width stated. If the bloomers suit a more gathered style, you may wish to order bloomers a few inches wider than the hips they are to fit. If the bloomers are for wearing under lighter clothes, an inch less that those hips will work well. You can always take a sneaky look at the label on her jeans.
size 10 will require at least 36"
size 12 will require at least 38"
size 16 will require at least 42"
If you've no tape measure, improvise by embracing her hips with your arms and just estimating. Failing that, and a slightly less romantic method of measurement... one sheet of toilet paper measures just under 5".

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