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Free shipping to UK on orders over £100
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By Invitation Only

All of my bloomers will raise a smile. Some of my bloomers will raise more than that, and are better suited for wearing on the underside. But I'll let you be judge of that!

These undies are all one-off items. I may have more than one of the same item in stock, but they are cut and sewn up individually. Please do send me an email (contact details are at the bottom of this page) if you'd like to request something specific.

The bloomer and camisole sizing is stated as the actual hip or bust measurement of garment. If you are an average size 12, for example, an item measuring 42" will give you ample gathering. A item measuring 38" will fit you very snuggly. The finer, lighter fabrics (voile, batiste, silk) will need a tad more wriggle room than a slightly more robust cotton lawn. Silk, in particular, will pull at the seams if you're not generous with the fabric around those lovely curves.

If you don't have a tape measure, grab some string, wrap it (without tension) around the widest part of your hips or bust, and then measure it against a ruler.  It might feel like a faff, but it saves you half guessing the sizes and keeps us all away from those horrid consumer boxes. It'll also mean you actually get something that fits, and won't need to send it back to me. If you're unsure, just get in touch and we can chat about it.