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Free shipping to UK on orders over £100
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Bloomers for wearing on the outside!

Bright and cheerful for sunny days, or layers of warm cottons and linen under dresses, squares and stripes or frills and flouncy, all of my bloomers are hand made and unique. Whatever length you choose, from your cheeky bottom to your ankles, these bloomers will put a smile on your face that will be infectious.

Do remember when ordering, that these are one-off, hand made items. If you would like me to make up a different size or length, or would like more than one pair, I may still have the fabric in stock. If you would like to see a fabric selection with a view to ordering a specific colour, please do send me a message.

The bloomer sizing is stated as the actual hip measurement of garment. If you are an average size 12, for example, a pair of bloomers measuring 44" at hip, will give you ample gathering. A pair of '38" at hip' bloomers will fit you very snuggly. The finer, lighter fabrics (voile, batiste, silk) will need a tad more wriggle room than a harder wearing linen or dress cotton.