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Pinafores, dresses, cloaks, tunics, petticoats, tops, and skirts

 This collection is all about layers! From the under layer of light voile chemise, to the winter warm outer layer of a cloak, with some keen mixing and matching I think you could get five layers to look stunning together.

You'll find the clothes in this collection are arranged by size (smaller to larger) within the groups of dresses, through to jackets and cloaks, chemises, petticoats and skirts, pinafores, and T shirts.

The tops are measured from edge to edge at the widest bust line and are stated as the actual size of the item. Some of the A-line pinafores have shoulder ties which will add flexibility to the size and fit. Most are made to fit loosely, so give yourself a couple of extra inches to breathe. For instance, a standard UK size 12  is roughly 36" bust, and similar to a top in this collection that measures 38". But it also depends on the look you want and what you'll wear the top with. I've chosen this way of measuring because it's less prescriptive and allows for your own artistic licence.

If you don't have a tape measure, grab some string, wrap it (without tension) around the widest part of your bust, and then measure it against a ruler.  It might feel like a faff, but it saves you half guessing the sizes and keeps us all away from those horrid consumer boxes. It'll also mean you actually get something that fits, and you won't need to send it back to me. If you're unsure, just get in touch and we can chat about it.

I've made my own clothes for as long as I can remember, and that's because I've always been disenchanted by clothes found on the high street. There are some heavenly designers and boutiques, of course, but they're expensive. Well made clothes, out of well made cloth, shouldn't cost the Earth.

And while we're talking of the Earth.... there's a burning need to reduce fast fashion.

I've worked on a few simple patterns. Simple, because the less time it takes me to sew the clothes, the lower their cost to you. I've also focussed on getting as little waste fabric as I can out of the pattern cut. The waste fabric goes to teeny clothes, herb pouches, and patchwork. The absolute waste is used for cushion filling.

The organic fairtrade cotton, that some pinafores and tops are made with, is naturally dyed with plants and minerals, which is far nicer for the environment than using chemicals. The cost to us,though, is that the colours aren't so 'fast'. These clothes will fade less if washed considerately and dried away from direct sunlight.