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Pinafores, dresses, cloaks, tunics, petticoats, tops, and skirts

When I'm out selling The Witch's Britches, I frequently hear folk say 'oh yes, they're lovely, but I don't know how I'd wear them.'

I'm lucky I can make my own clothes. I do this because I'm so disenchanted by the clothes for sale on the high street. There are some heavenly designers and boutiques, of course, but they're expensive and these old fashioned pinafore designs shouldn't warrant such high price tags.

I've decided to spend some time on a couple of simple patterns, and experiment with fabrics, styles and sizes. I'm hoping to get more of a collection that is easy to mix and match with The Witch's Britches undergarments, and make it simple for you to layer your clothes in a flexible and cost effective way.

The tops are measured from the edge of arm, across bust, and are stated as actual size. Some of the A-line pinafores have shoulder ties which will add to flexibility of size. Most are made to fit loosely, so give yourself a couple of extra inches to breathe. For instance, a size 12 is around 36" bust, and will best suit a 38" top. But it also depends on the look you want and what you'll wear the top with. I've chosen this way of measuring because it's less prescriptive and allows for YOUR artistic licence.