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Who else, but Artemis?

So, what logo, I wondered....

Let's have a goddess, but we'll be careful of copyright. Maybe I'll find a picture to draw...

What should she be? Sexy, free, in her own power, natural and wild. All of these things, and more. Let's add 'soaring' and 'inspirational'. I might have typed 'enchantress', or 'fairy', and being a lover of the woods and forests, I might have added these things, too. As my tick box list got longer, my search got smaller.

And there she was...The perfect witch for my britches, but she didn't have britches...

I'll put britches on her, change her hat, and make her hair flow a little more...

But she's flying alright.

And the calm, controlled look on her face suggests she knows how to use that bow. I got busy with my pen and paper...



Only then, did I put a name to her face. Artemis! The deity, possibly pre-Greek, and mistress of all wild animals. She was the goddess of all wildness, and protector of ailing women, birth and virginity. I've known her to have a deer hind by her side. She was a huntress, and a midwife. She demanded of her father, Zeus, that her tunic be knee length so that she could do her work unaided.


While I worked on the development and identity of my business, I supported an old (young) friend to birth her two babies. She had a lot of fear, but actually birthed her babies beautifully. Her mother, my friend, was gone, and I helped bridge the gap while her mother looked over us both.

With respect on both sides, she is the huntress and I am not. I am the midwife and reliever of pain. Unaware of my growing association, she named her daughter 'Artemis'.

Just this weekend I joked at a festival, where I held a stall, that my bloomers came with a 'licence'. It states women can wear their bloomers wherever, however, and whenever they choose. Artemis had some balls, and still offers a lesson in confidence and self affirmation that we may have forgotten.

Who better to have, than Artemis, as the goddess for my logo?

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