Free shipping to UK on orders over £100
Free shipping to UK on orders over £100
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Discounted gems in The Witch's treasure chest.

There are no discounted clothes currently in the Witch's treasure chest. Many items sold, and some have been put into the Witch's cool and dark hovel to wait for sunnier days again.

If you were keeping your eye on a particular item but feeling the time wasn't quite right to make that purchase, you may well be too late! Why not email me, though, and I can show you a selection of fabrics to choose, and I can then sew up a similar item for you.

You can subscribe to my (infrequent) email updates, if you'd like, at the bottom of this page. I'll share new fabrics, items, details of upcoming sales, etc, on here as they happen. It's a way of staying in touch and letting you have first dibs at any discounts.