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Free shipping to UK on orders over £100
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Socks, over the knee, and stockings

'Off the shelf' or made to measure socks, over the knee, and stockings. Hard wearing 80% wool blend for hard working girls. Silk/alpaca blend or fine merino lace for those times you want to feel special.
All of these socks and stockings are hand crafted on an antique sock machine and can be made any size from UK 4 and larger. The length can be your choice, and custom orders for stockings will require a width, as well as a length. The length stated in the description of the stockings, are based on a very average height of 5'4" and BMI of 25. If you're unsure of how they'll fit, ping me an email, and I'll help you out.
You'll notice the silk and alpaca stockings are available in two qualities. Both are exquisitely silky with a gentle sheen. The quality of yarn isn't so different, but the more expensive yarn is dyed by the skein. This can sometimes mean there is a small difference in shade between each knitted stocking.
The merino lace yarn is very soft and ever so slightly fluffy. Again, there can be differences in shades between the stockings because of the dyeing process.
Over the knee stocking length seems to hold up with least support, but you may be reassured to add a length of additional elastic beneath the lace.

Hand washing is a must for the stockings, if you want to keep them looking good and prevent them from felting. Where possible, I will send these lovely stockings on with a little extra yarn for any darning and mending. The harder wearing 80% wool socks and boot socks can be washed in the machine at 40 degrees.
Do remember, when ordering, these are one-off items, made especially and with love. If you would like to order more than one pair of the same stocking, please do send me a message.